Welcome to ServisME

Your reliable partner in service management, purchasing and availability. With our simple and powerful system, you gain complete control over your business. Plan, monitor and optimize all aspects of your service with greater overview so you can grow and run your business successfully with confidence. We welcome you to the future of efficient and intelligent management!

Keep reminding yourself

Let your customers know they should visit you for service. This will ensure regular visits from your customers. With our system, you don't have to worry about a thing. Just enable notifications and set the regularity when you make a purchase and the system will take care of everything.

Service jobs under control

Keep your service tasks under control. A digital record of tasks is much better and more efficient than one written down in Excel or on paper. In our system you will be able to manage your service work easily and efficiently.

Workload calendar

Keep your customers informed about your service availability on your website. Simply add the code to your page and you'll see the availability calendar where you need it. You'll reduce the number of unnecessary phone calls and declined service.


Discover the benefits of our system at an affordable price.
You can try the system for free for 14 days.

Early access

Early Access is for those who believe in our system from the start. You get access to all the current features and all the new ones at the same time.

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190 €
With a regular annual subscription payment, you get 2 months free.


19 €
If you're still undecided, you can choose a monthly subscription and when you're happy you can switch to an annual subscription at any time.

What do we offer?


Quick work with services for today

You can manage your current service day nicely on your dashboard. Easy status changes and an overview of completed and pending services will help you manage necessary and unavoidable tasks efficiently.

Have your own workload calendar

You'll have a calendar that you can use to easily move service tasks around. At the same time, the service load will be recalculated according to the duration of the task. You can put this calendar on your website to let your customers know when you'll be available to them.

Record of sales for the purpose of comments

Keep a record of your customers' purchases and the system will remind them to visit you again for service activities such as routine service, overhauls and the like.

Service evidence

Keep track of service requests from your customers easily and conveniently. By service status you will see an overview of how many services you have scheduled, in progress, completed and submitted.

What are we planning in the near future?


Online ordering for service

We will endeavour to launch our online service appointment system as soon as possible. Your customers will be able to make service appointments conveniently from home, based on service availability and your time.

Informing about the service process

In the near future, we would like to implement features that simply inform the customer that their service is ready to come in for pickup. We plan to implement the classic email type, but also the possibility to use automatic sms sending.

Mobile app for service

The mobile application for service will be designed for service technicians, through which they will be able to view the current service tasks and will be able to click through the steps. With this app, you will never forget all the necessary steps for a single service.

Mobile application for customers

A mobile app for your customers will be used to keep them fully informed about service operations. Your customers will be able to easily see how their service is doing and will also be notified of recurring visits.

How to start with ServisME?


Fill out the registration information in our form to take the first step towards getting a great system

Confirmation email

We'll send you a confirmation link to your email, where you can just click a button and you'll be taken straight into the system.

Subscription or trial

You can pay your subscription right away via the "Subscriptions" item on the left menu or take a 14-day free trial

Service types

For the correct functioning of the system, we recommend filling in the "Service types" first. This is the section where you define your service types, which you then assign to service actions.

Workload calendar

If you would like to show your customers how busy you are, you can add a workload calendar to your page, which can be found in the "Calendar" section attached to your profile.